For a better future

We solve companies problems.
With technology.

We use 13 years of experience to provide solutions to problems - and not just the software itself.


Creative business solutions

Using our creativity, combined with 13 years of experience in software development, we build unique applications that don't copy incorrect patterns.


Simple means better

We always put great emphasis on a simple and intuitive interface (UX/UI) - while maintaining full functionality, so that using the application is a pleasure and not a necessity.


Expert support

Throughout the process, we provide expert advice in order to choose the right solution for a problem occurring in the company, and also continuously adapt it as the company grows.


Main areas of activity


CRM/ERP systems

We design ERP and CRM systems that precisely solve real problems of companies. We do not adapt companies to the system, but rather systems to the companies.


Bots / Chatbots

We build intelligent chat bots that bring great relief - both for companies and clients.



We implement document digitisation solutions that radically speed up work, make life easier and minimise human errors.


Marketing Automation

We create marketing automation solutions that support companies, while not stripping them of their soul and the human aspect.


Production management

Agricultural production requires attention and commitment, our systems are designed to make life easier, reduce costs and improve efficiency - without a large entry barrier.


Online entertainment

We build engaging applications for broadly understood online entertainment as well as mobile entertainment - because people need more than work to live.

Online Services

Our brands

Dedicated software is one of the branches of our work.

We also take care of developing our own projects, which according to our principles, are to provide unconventional, safe services that solve real user problems.

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