About Us

Observing our industry from the inside, we've been noticing its weaknesses for years. Copying patterns, focusing on technology rather than business needs, complicating solutions, ignoring deadlines...

Despite the fact that the world has already come to terms with these inconveniences - we've decided to act differently. And more effectively.

One team.
Over 13 years of experience.
Hundreds of effective projects.
Millions of cups of coffee drunk.

We solve problems

The primary objective of our solutions is to solve specific problems and needs of companies. A beautiful and modern system is useless if it doesn't positively affect the company's operation.


We go outside the box

Our solutions stray away from common design patterns, safely copied for years. The known is not always the best - we fight with that using our creativity.


Simple means better

We hate difficult to use solutions. We believe that even the most advanced system can be designed to be intuitive and helpful.


Business over technology

We always use the latest and best-performing technologies. However, we are aware of what is a real value for business, which is why we don't put technology above the needs of business.


We respect time

We put emphasis on the deadlines and the moment of submitting the project. We don't provide unrealistic deadlines, being aware that timely delivery of the solution affects other processes in the company.


We advise and refuse

With hundreds of projects behind us, we often advise against wrong solutions - pointing to a more effective way. We often refuse when we know that a given solution will prove to be a failure. For a clear conscience ;-)

We will put the finished solution in a stable cloud. No worries. So, shall we start?

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