ERP / CRM / E-Commerce

We build and implement our original solutions for supporting sales - both direct, by phone and online. We improve the operation of sales departments, call centres and online stores (e-commerce) thanks to simple systems that support sales and automate customer service processes.



Medical systems / Medical advertising

We create applications for medical facilities, as well as software that supports interactive online visits (e-medicine) and automates the promotion of medical products.



Production and farmstead management systems

Thanks to our solutions, farmstead and crop production management becomes a pleasure. The maximum ease of use and precise adaptation to the needs of a given farmstead win the hearts of our customers.



Sports betting / online casinos

We have experience in designing and implementing online casino applications as well as sports applications - engaging, educating and providing the best entertainment. We also provide solutions for social and streaming networks.



Logistics and warehouse management systems

Logistics and warehouse processes can be very complicated, but thanks to our systems they become much simpler. Full control over processes and resources, valuable tips based on data analysis, automation of repetitive processes - in short, it's worth it.


Artificial Intelligence

Modern machine learning

We implement applications that learn by using Deep Learning, and then forecast or provide valuable feedback based on large amounts of data. In addition, we create advanced Bots (chat bots) using the Natural Language API that automate communication with customers and relieve customer service departments.


Financial / Public administration

+ Accounting

We offer original solutions for accounting offices and public administration, focused around e-platforms for data exchange, as well as mass digitisation of documents along with the processing of data contained there.

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